DIY Websites | Websites you can make yourself!

If you have basic computer skills and can make your way around a keyboard there is no reason why you cant make your own website.

There are so many choices we have put together a step by step instruction of the best way of getting your business online.

First up we are going to say avoid wasting your time on any solution that claims to be FREE. Ultimately with anything that is advertised FREE there will always be a catch –  there will be a hosting fee, a fee to remove advertising, or a fee to access more features.

The solution we are letting you know about is one of the best out there. It is responsive – so is able to be viewed on a mobile device, iPad or on a desktop. One website that scales up and down to suit the size of the device it is being viewed on.

There are 3 main things you need to build a website:

1. A Domain name

You need to buy a domain name – This is like your street address telling people the location of your website. You can use this name on promoting your business – in your email signatures, on your business card, in phamplets or in advertisments.

2. Website Hosting

There are many different hosting companies to choose from. Generally you are looking for price, reliability, space and customer service. While we have used many different hosting companies in the past here are some website hosting options for you to have a look at.

3. A website

This is the fun part! A website can be built by many different methods. You need to add your content which will consist of pages of what services you offer and anything else you want to let the world know.

You can build a website!

Learn how to set up a website

We have instructions for building websites that suit a wide range occupations.

For example here is a sample of business occupations you can easily build a website for:

Websites for Artists
Websites for Writers
Websites for Travel Writers

Coming soon…

Websites for Accountants
Websites for Art Galleries
Websites for Athletes
Websites for Architects
Websites for a Bakery/ Cake Shop
Websites for a Bed and Breakfast
Websites for a Beauty Salon
Websites for Builders
Websites for Child Care Centre’s
Websites for Dentists
Websites for Gardeners
Websites for Hair Dressers
Websites for Interior Designers
Websites for Landscape Gardeners
Websites for Lawyers
Websites for Musicians
Websites for Photographers
Websites for Restaurants
Websites for Vets
Websites for Wineries

Learn how to set up a website

Need help with your website ?

Do you need help with your website? Would you like more traffic? Do you wonder whether your website can be better than it is now?  We will go over your website with you and make recommendations on how to make it better. Contact us today and learn how to get the maximum benefit out of your website.