Google Adwords

What is the  difference between Paid Search Engine Traffic and Organic?

There are many different Search engines – examples are Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK, and AOL.  If you use Google as a search engine you will notice  the area at the top of the page  with a colored background and the area on the right are paid search results (ads).  The area below the highlighted area is the organic (free) search results. ( see screenshot below for a search on “swimming pools” )


Organic Search Results

Organic results can take a long time to show up once the website goes ” LIVE”. Many people think that as soon as their website is up and running that they will automatically show up in the search results. This is not the case.  Your website and each of  its pages has to be found be search engines amongst the billions of websites throughout the world. It depends on so many things that are out of your control. Each search engine has an algorithm that looks at hundreds of different things about your website. It then puts what it thinks is the most relevant at the top of the page when you do a search on a particular subject, followed by the next relevant page and so on. .

Paid Search Engine Results

Paid search results are adds placed on a Search Engine Results Page.  The advertiser only pays if their add is clicked on. Once you have set up an advertising campaign you can start driving traffic to your website straight away.

Why Paid Search can Help Drive Traffic to your Website

It can take a long time for a website to start to show up in the natural organic results of any search engine.  If you want quick results  Paid Search gives you the ability to provide targeted traffic within 10 minutes of launching your Adwords account.


1. Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account

Before you setup your Google Adwords account the following resource will help you do it the right way. Adword’s consultant Perry Marshall will give you all the insider secrets and proven tips for optimizing your google AdWords account. Sign up for the free  course and cheat sheet on how to setup your Google Adwords account. Once you have reviewed Perry’s cheat sheet and free course  set up your Google Adwords account. Google does have  a number of tutorials on how to setup and manage your account and this in conjunction with Perry Marshall’s tips and cheat sheet will really help you on your way.