New Look Solutions Indata Website

The  new look website for Solutions Indata is now up. It was certainly time for a fresh look and it does look very different to the previous versions of the website.

It is very easy for your website to take a back seat while you move forward with other areas of the business move full steam ahead.

It  is sort of like the carpenter who has tea towels hanging on cupboards instead of doors, the kitchen cabinet maker that needs a new kitchen, Solutions Indata for a long time needed  a website that is up to date  with current trends. The main feature being that the website can be viewed on a mobile device with ease and looks great on both desktop  computer and any mobile device.

The first Solutions Indata website was made up in 2001 and throughout the years there have been about 3 major changes along the way. If you would like to have a look at previous versions of any website you can go to the “Wayback Machine” and have a look.

While the website is now up LIVE  it is still a work in progress and more pictures and content will be added over time.

If your website has been around long enough to appear in the Wayback Machine it may be time to create a new look website too!


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