Should I Pay this Domain Name Bill?

Domain Name Scams – Don’t Get Caught

You open up a professional looking envelope or an email and see the details of your domain name. Its got all your business details and looks legitimate. However the name of the company asking for your money does not seem familiar.

Before you think about paying  the domain name bill take some time to check the following details:

Is it an exact replica of your domain name?

Check that is exactly the same with no variations of your business name or the extension. For example each of these domain names look similar except the extensions are different.


How much is the amount they are asking?

Domain name registrations can be either one, two, or multiple years ranging in price from about $20-40 a year. If the amount is for a few hundred dollars for a year or two you are being ripped off.

Is there a legitimate business address, phone number and web address on the invoice?

Check out the business details – do a google search and check to see that they really exist. If its an email request check the email address is a real business email address and not a “hotmail” or dodgy address.

Look at the fine print

Often there is some fine print at the bottom saying that this is a “solicitation” and basically it is up to you whether you pay it or not.

Domain Name Scams

Check the public WHOIS service

To find out the registrar of your domain name if you are not sure you can use a WHOIS service.

When you do purchase a domain name and or website hosting save the emails and invoices to a folder on your computer and print out the emails that you get when you purchase it in a safe place. That way you can easily cross reference any domain name invoice you get with your original purchase.