Keeping Track of Domain Name and Web Hosting Accounts

If you have a website or are in the process of getting a website designed and developed for your business, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you keep a record of where you have purchased the Domain Name and Web Hosting services and any usernames and passwords that come with it.

Set up a folder on your computer and call it “Website Account” and as you get emails from Domain Name and Web Hosting companies save the emails or copy them into a word document and save them there. Even if you don’t understand the information that is contained in the email your web developer may need this information to get your website online. One of the most critical things to keep is the email address that you sign up for a particular service. This email needs to be one that you always use because this is where all communication in regards to your service and billing will be sent. Depending on the company this may be annually or every 2 + years.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

Most of these domain name and web hosting companies have different username and passwords for the billing and the actual service. With so many fraudulent companies sending out fake ” domain name renewal” invoices, this will ensure that if you do get an invoice you are not sure about then you can check by going back to your ” website account folder” and checking the name of the company and the date it was purchased.

The rules can be very strict in regards to who has access to your account and each company will have different methods of validating your account. As you go through the sign up process take note of what email address you use, which mobile phone number, and any other details such as “questions” so that when you do need them the process to access any of your domain name or web hosting accounts  is smooth and quick.

Below  is an example of a typical list of things to keep in your folder. You may want to set up an excel spreadsheet as well if you have a lot of different accounts.

Domain Name
Name of company  purchased from, name of domain name, date purchased, how many years.
Billing account username and password, service account username and password.

Web hosting
Name of company, package type, date purchased, how many years?
Billing account username and password, control panel log in details.

Content Management System
Link to the admin section of your website, username and password, and email address associated with it.

Email Accounts
Name of each email accounts you have set up and passwords

Social Accounts
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube username and password, and email address associated with it.

Other password protected websites
Such as Mailing lists, istock photo accounts, mobile website account etc.

If you forget or loose a password most online websites will give you the opportunity to retrieve it clicking on a ” forget your password” link on the login page. This will be sent to the email address associated with the account.

Always keep records of your passwords up to date – you never know when you will need them!

Make sure your password least 8 characters long and use a mix of Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters

Don’t let this happen to you…

I had to deal with a web hosting company that I have never dealt with before on behalf of a client. Unfortunately the password to the log in “billing” account had been lost, and the access to the control panel password had also been lost. The original website had been set up many years ago and maintained by different people along the way and the original web hosting company was taken over 3 times.

To put up a new website I needed access to their accounts and the only way to do this was to call the web hosting company. Normally the process is quick and easy however to finally get the correct access took multiple phone calls. Each of these phone calls started with a notification that there were 14 people in the queue and involved waits of up to an hour.

My question was the same each time I talked to an operator however I didn’t quite have all the details from my client as they didn’t know either. I wanted the log in and password details sent to the email address of the account holder. Then I could move forward with getting the website up LIVE. A support ticket was raised ( that I didn’t have access to) and I was emailed a copy with a link to a ” recover your password ” page….. that needed a password to access it!

After finally working through it all and getting access to the billing account and web hosting control panel account I was presented with another problem. I could not access the control panel as it was coming up with a security error, and as the web hosting account was so old the website that I had ready to put up could not be accommodated there.


We decided to purchase a new web hosting account and point (connect so the website will work) the domain name to the new hosting account. Domain names generally are too hard to transfer and require a bit of paperwork and a fee to transfer to another company so the decision was made to keep the domain name with them, but get new web hosting. To get the domain name to point to the new web hosting required a ticket to the company I had grown to dread dealing with. I followed it up with a phone call.

I have made up a detailed list of all the passwords for my client and a little story at the start explaining a bit of the history. In the future if the role of maintaining the website is handed over to someone else then this document can be handed over and kept up to date.

Megan McDonald

Website Display and Screen Resolution

What your website looks like depends on  the screen resolution of the computer or device people are looking at the website on. Desktop screens are getting bigger and bigger (Today, most visitors have a screen resolution higher than 1024×768 pixels: and at the same time people are sitting in front of the TV surfing the net on their iPad and smart phones. The look of the website will vary depending on the device and screen resolution set up, and what browser you are using.


Ideally the most important information of your website should be able to be viewed instantly on any device. Your logo, contact details, and navigation should be “above the fold” on a desktop while on a mobile device your contact number  may need to be the most  prominent information.

Websites can be made  to be a fixed width or to stretch right across the screen. If your website looks great on a desktop but is unusable on a smartphone you have the option of  making a new website that works both on a desktop or mobile ( often referred to as a responsive website) or alternatively you can set up a separate mobile phone website.

Responsive Website

If you have an existing website that is due for a face lift it might be a good time to look at replacing it with a  responsive website.  The one website can be made to look great across most devices and different screen resolutions.

Contact Solutions Indata to find out more.


What does my website look like on a smart phone or iPad?

To give you an idea on what your website looks like on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones see this website:


Email Signatures

Have you set up an email signature for your business?

An email signature with your web address looks professional and is easy to set up.  Email Signatures are a great way to reinforce your branding and provides instant contact  information for the reader. If you are not sure how to set up an email signature use the “Help” function in your Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Express or whatever you are using.

You can change the size and color of the font, add your logo and finally your web address. Make sure you test it and that the link works!

3dotsWith the amount of junk mail and scams out there if you are serious about creating a professional image you will go to the effort of making up an email signature that include all the details of your business and your web address. I personally find it hard to take an email seriously if there is no ownership. If someone is asking me for a quote or a website question I am much more likely to take the enquiry seriously if I know that I am dealing with a real person from a real business.

If you have multiple interests to do with your business you can make up multiple email signatures to suit each one. Pick one as the default and use it for your most common enquiries and then the other ones you can select and use them when necessary.

If you want to add your facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ or pinterest links this is a great place to do it. In my signature I have stuck with text links but you could easily add your favorite social icons/images and link them to your accounts.

If you would like to have more than one email signature set up – for example one for your friends, one for your business this is possible too.

Set up multiple email signatures and whoever you send the most emails too make this the default. When you want to change the email signature just right click and select the one you want to use.

Not only can you set up the email signature with your business details but you can also promote any specials or other information your client may be interested in. Once the special or promotion has finished just remove/delete it from your email signature.

As an example here’s my email signature:


Regards, Megan

Megan McDonald

(03) 9812 2972

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New Look Solutions Indata Website

The  new look website for Solutions Indata is now up. It was certainly time for a fresh look and it does look very different to the previous versions of the website.

It is very easy for your website to take a back seat while you move forward with other areas of the business move full steam ahead.

It  is sort of like the carpenter who has tea towels hanging on cupboards instead of doors, the kitchen cabinet maker that needs a new kitchen, Solutions Indata for a long time needed  a website that is up to date  with current trends. The main feature being that the website can be viewed on a mobile device with ease and looks great on both desktop  computer and any mobile device.

The first Solutions Indata website was made up in 2001 and throughout the years there have been about 3 major changes along the way. If you would like to have a look at previous versions of any website you can go to the “Wayback Machine” and have a look.

While the website is now up LIVE  it is still a work in progress and more pictures and content will be added over time.

If your website has been around long enough to appear in the Wayback Machine it may be time to create a new look website too!


How to get more likes on your facebook page

If you are new to facebook and have set up a page for your business and unsure of how to get new “likes” you will know that you have to be proactive. If you don’t post anything, like other business pages or comment no-one is going to want to stay in touch with you.  And when talking about numbers it is a good idea to keep in mind that some smaller businesses will naturally only have a few liking their pages while others will have thousands. Some of this depends on what you are selling and how  much time and resources you have to put into working on your Facebook page. It does take time but it is up to you whether  you post something daily,weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Ideas  to improve the numbers of likes on your Facebook page. 

  • Add Facebook Icons on your website
    Add a Facebook icon or “find us on Facebook button” to your website. Link to your Facebook account from this button and put on a prominent place on your website.Find Solutions Indata on Facebook
  • Add a Facebook social plugin box to the home page or some of the prominent pages of  your website Website. This will display the latest post that has been put up on your facebook account.  As well as being more prominent to get new likes, This can be used to inform customers of  the latest news , and also has a roll on effect with showing up in Google search results.

Ask  all your Staff to  like the page, ask your clients to like the page, ask your friends, family – ask everyone you come in contact with…you don’t get if you don’t ask!

  • Promote your Facebook  page on everything that is seen by the publicMake sure EVERY business card, email signature, brochure, sign has a Facebook icon ( Facebook has a page where you can get the official logo to use for print – google “facebook official logo“) and link to your facebook business page with the URL – for example this is the link for Solutions Indata’s Facebook page – on it.
  • If you already have a mailing list  – make sure there is a link to your Facebook page on this and ask for “likes”.Once this is done it is a matter of continuing to be proactive with creating regular posts on Facebook about whats going on with your business ,  tips etc.  and commenting on other facebook pages.

Google Glass – The World in Front of Your Eyes

Gadgets that change the way we live

I remember clearly when we first got a computer hooked up to the internet. I was amazed at the amount of information on all sorts of topics available in simple websites. The websites back then were  nothing like they are now. Sitting in front of a basic big boxy monitor in awe of what was in front of me. How does this compare to the concept of  Google Glass ?  It can’t. It is just amazing how far technology has advanced in recent times.

A snippet of time captured by Google Glass

I also remember the first phone I had that had a car kit. I thought it was fantastic! It was huge by today’s standards. It was the classic black brick phone that had a beautiful curly cable attaching it to the car kit.

The progression from the small black and white TV, to Color TV, to huge flat screen TV has all happened in my lifetime.

And what about the “technology” used in films like “Lost in Space” and the “Jetsons”.  As a kid watching these shows I would never have thought that one day some of this technology would become real and available to everyone.

The evolution of  technology has allowed both the internet, the way websites are made, and  the gadgets we use make  us all expect so much  from what they can do.

My first thought about Google Glass when I watched the video on what it could do was “WOW”. This is really amazing. I have visions in my head of going into the city of Melbourne and walking around the streets with all the suited up business men and women with their Google Glass attached to their heads.

Have a look at this video which shows what you can see if you are wearing  Google Glass …

Custom Designed Websites

All Solutions Indata websites are custom designed to suit your individual business needs incorporating existing logos, photos and brochures. We take into consideration your existing logos, your favourite colors, who the audience is and many other factors. You may even have your own photographs that you would like to include to give your website a more personal touch. Alternatively we can source some photos for your website that will look great . We get you thinking about how your website is going to look.

Call (03) 9812 2972 TODAYand get your business online

Your Business Needs a Website Because…

YOUR business needs a website because…

  • It lets the world know that you exist
  • Attracts potential customers
  • Reduces existing advertising costs
  • Improves customer service
  • Generates requests for information

All Solutions Indata websites are custom designed to suit your individual business needs incorporating existing logos, photos and brochures. We take into consideration your existing logos, your favourite colors, who the audience is and many other factors. You may even have your own photographs that you would like to include to give your website a more personal touch. Alternatively we can source some photos for your website that will look great . We get you thinking about how your website is going to look.

Call (03) 9812 2972 TODAYand get your business online