AroFlo Website and New Branding Launched


Solutions Indata is proud to have designed and developed the AroFlo website.

AroFlo, formerly known as i-man is a software solution designed by a tradie, for other tradies.

The website gives a comprehensive overview of the software solution that has been transforming the trades, field services, maintenance and project-based industries for over a decade.

You can research the many features of the AroFlo software, industries that use AroFlo and check out some case studies. There is also a great display of the AroFlo team.

Visit the AroFlo website

Design Tool to help create visual content

Looking for a quick and easy way to make graphics for your social media accounts ?

Canva is a fantastic free tool ( you do have to give up your email address) that is simple and very easy to use.

Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.

You can easily add shapes, images, borders and edit font types.  Shapes and photos can be tilted and scaled. Colors for any of the bits can be changed very easily.

I think its a great tool!



Example  of a quick graphic made with Canva



Is your website Mobile friendly?


If you open up your website on a mobile phone and you need to pinch, stretch and scroll or you need a magnifying glass to read the text – your website is not mobile friendly and needs updating so that it is.

If you have got a website that is more than a couple of years old it is likely that it is not mobile friendly. Now is a great time to update your website and make sure it can be viewed on mobile devices, tablets and the desktop.

While you can choose to update the look of your website at the same time, alternatively you can keep a similar look and feel using your existing logo, images and content. This is also a great time to update your content and read through your pages of your website and make sure your content still reflects your current business activities.

Depending on your business and the size of your website a responsive website is an ideal solution. It can be viewed at full size on a desktop and then when scaled down to all the different screen sizes the content stretches, scales and wraps around to fit the smaller devices.

Examples of some more recent responsive websites built by Solutions Indata:

To find out more about Responsive Websites contact Solutions Indata on 03 98122972




Behind the Goggles


Congratulations to Gary Barclay on the arrival of the book ” Behind the Goggles”. A few years in the making it is especially written to appeal to the 8-14 year old age competitive swimmer.

It is designed to include some fun colorful cartoons and a great layout that will appeal to a younger audience. It is an informative, fun book created to help young swimmers improve their swimming with lots of tips in a simple easy to read format.

A website has been set up by Solutions Indata to sell  the book using pay pal as a payment method.

“Behind the Goggles” is the third book we have created for the swimming community and being the only book of its type targeted at a younger age group – it is sure to be a best seller!

Check it out here:


Stand Up and Work – VARIDESK Pro Plus

If you are in an office job and spend most of your time sitting in front of  a  computer you will love the VARIDESK Pro Plus. I have found that if I am working on something it is easy to sit in the one position for a few hours before you realise you need to get up and walk around. I do make a conscious effort to get up as much as possible – and try and go for short walks a few times a day.

Even though I had breaks I found I still had a sore back from sitting even for 20 minutes. I  do have a great office chair already but always thought that if I could get my monitors and keyboard at the right height then I could stand up.

If your work involves sitting in front of a computer the VARIDESK Pro Plus allows you to work sitting as you normally would or standing. You can change the position quickly and easily.

I noticed an add for the VARIDESK Pro Plus in a magazine I was reading and thought what a great idea. I told my partner about it and he ended up telling his boss about it. They had tried stand up desks before but found them flimsy and hard to use.

The company decided to give the VARIDESK Pro Plus a trial run for their programmers and customer service staff. Like me they spend most of the time sitting in an office chair in front of a computer and by the end of the day end up with sore backs, bottoms and  necks from poor posture.

They attached and set up a  VARIDESK Pro Plus and raved about  how easy it was to move the monitors up and down and move between sitting and standing positions. They are now in the process of ordering for any staff members that want the flexibility of sitting, or standing to work. The boss believes that this will ensure that his staff are as comfortable as they can be while they work.

I ordered a VARIDESK Pro Plus and it arrived two days later. I noticed the delivery truck show up out the front and was excited to see that it had arrived so quickly.

If you are not super strong make sure you get someone to help you lift the box up onto your desk – ( you don’t want to strain your back!)

It is now set up on my desk and I love it!

Here are the selling points:

  • The VARIDESK PRO Plus supports two monitors with a separate keyboard tray
  • The adjustable height desk allows you to work comfortably either sitting or standing
  • Sits on top of your existing desk or table. Large 36″ x 23″ work surface accommodates dual monitor work stations.
  • Sturdy, stable design – holds up to 35 lbs. with ease. Work surface adjustable up to a height of 15.5″
  •  Change positions in just seconds with a quick squeeze of the side handles
  • VARIDESK PRO Plus ships fully assembled & sets up in less than five minutes. Free downloadable companion app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter

Buy your own VARIDESK Pro Plus

Responsive Websites

What is a responsive website?


A responsive website is one website that stretches and changes shape to fit the device that it is viewed on. This ranges from a desktop computer, to an i-pad to mobile phones.

Some older websites that are not responsive end up looking tiny, and you have to make the text bigger and scroll across on your smartphone to get to the information you want.

With more and more people viewing websites on their mobile phones a responsive website is currently the most logical way of building a website.

How do you know if a website is responsive?

To see if a website is responsive you can go to your desktop and open up the website. In the top right hand corner of your browser window you have the option of making the browser window smaller. Shrink it down to the about the width of a mobile phone and if it is responsive all the text and images will wrap around and look great, if it is not responsive you will only see the left hand side of the website and everything to the right will be cut off. The other way of checking is to view the website on your smart phone – and see what it looks like.

If you are starting out with a new business or have an old website that is getting a bit tired and needs a fresh look then a new responsive website is the way to go.

If you would like to learn more about responsive websites call Solutions Indata on (03) 9812 2972

Does your Website Reflect your Current Business Activities?

The  world we live in is constantly changing and the way your business operated in the past may be very different to how it is working now.

As your business changes you need to make sure your website keeps up with what products and services you are offering your clients. Adding a new page to your website is an economical way of advertising new services that have evolved as your business has grown.

Website pages may be added into the navigation of a website and the new page and all its new content will keep your customers up to date with what you are offering . Old out of date pages can be edited to have current content or even removed if necessary.

Recent website updates to Solutions Indata Clients

The following websites are examples of businesses that are changing, evolving and growing. Their websites have been updated with new pages and are now ready for a busy year ahead!

Just Swimming 

Located in the eastern suburbs of  Melbourne Just Swimming recently added another swim school.   There are  now five Just Swimming swim schools including the new one located in Burwood. Just Swimming Burwood will be teaching swimming and water safety lessons for all ages.  A new section was added to the existing website with details of  the type of swim classes available, the times, and the address and contact details of the new location. See the Just Swimming Burwood pages for more information.

Irish Dance Diva

The Irish Dance Diva business has grown rapidly from its beginnings. The original website has grown and changed over the years as the business has become “the” place to buy Irish Dance products. A strong facebook following has developed with the growth of the business and is a great tool for the owner to share new products and ideas. The facebook box you see under the navigation compliments the website and has been ideal for the owner to let people know of events coming up and specials. If you have a facebook account  and would like one of these boxes incorporated into your website please contact us.

One of the more recent pages added to the Irish Dance Diva website is a bag for Irish dancers to wheel their gear around. Check out the  Zuca Bags.

Céd Le Mélédo

Céd Le Mélédo is a talented French born musician and entertainer. Céd studied Spanish Guitar in Spain and USA and traveled extensively around the world to experience various musical traditions. He is now teaching French as well as continuing  his  live performances and wanted to let everyone know.  A new page “French Tuition” was added to the website and now he has a great way of  picking up new clients. Check out the new “French Tuition” page for more details.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Make sure you have a close look at your website on a regular basis and take some time to go over your website and check that the information you read is a true reflection of  your current business offerings! 

If you would like to add some new information, a new  web page or update any part of your  website please contact Solutions Indata.

Brooke Hanson Website Launched

Solutions Indata is proud to have designed and developed the Brooke Hanson website.

Swimming star Brooke Hanson OAM, an Olympic gold and silver medallist, remains one of Australia’s most recognised Olympians.

The website features a comprehensive photo gallery of Brooke’s life including swimming at the Athens Olympic Games, Photos from the television series Discover Downunder, Swimming Career Highlights and some early school photos.

As you look through the images of Brooke in the gallery and read through her biography you realize just how truly amazing she is.

Visit the Brooke Hanson website

Home Page features a beautiful underwater photo of Brooke



The Gallery has some fantastic photos from Brooke’s life


Visit the Brooke Hanson website

Writing Content to Help your Website’s Rankings

If you want your website to rank well in all the major search engines you need to have interesting well written content that is relevant to your business.

See below for more great tips to help your website rank well :

  • Include information that your potential clients are looking for.
  • Use words and phrases in your content that are  grammatical variations of the main keywords used in your industry.
  • Set up a Google+ page, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts for your business. Include as much information as you can about your business and remember to include a link back to your website.


Should I Pay this Domain Name Bill?

Domain Name Scams – Don’t Get Caught

You open up a professional looking envelope or an email and see the details of your domain name. Its got all your business details and looks legitimate. However the name of the company asking for your money does not seem familiar.

Before you think about paying  the domain name bill take some time to check the following details:

Is it an exact replica of your domain name?

Check that is exactly the same with no variations of your business name or the extension. For example each of these domain names look similar except the extensions are different.


How much is the amount they are asking?

Domain name registrations can be either one, two, or multiple years ranging in price from about $20-40 a year. If the amount is for a few hundred dollars for a year or two you are being ripped off.

Is there a legitimate business address, phone number and web address on the invoice?

Check out the business details – do a google search and check to see that they really exist. If its an email request check the email address is a real business email address and not a “hotmail” or dodgy address.

Look at the fine print

Often there is some fine print at the bottom saying that this is a “solicitation” and basically it is up to you whether you pay it or not.

Domain Name Scams

Check the public WHOIS service

To find out the registrar of your domain name if you are not sure you can use a WHOIS service.

When you do purchase a domain name and or website hosting save the emails and invoices to a folder on your computer and print out the emails that you get when you purchase it in a safe place. That way you can easily cross reference any domain name invoice you get with your original purchase.