Domain Names

The domain name

Your domain name is a reflection of you and your business – tips for choosing a great domain name. If you want to appeal to a world wide audience then can go for a .com domain name extension. The .com extension is also useful if someone has already bought your desired domain name and you really want to use that name for yourself.

Want to appeal to an Australian audience and be picked up in the Australian google results ? You will want to go for a domain name extension  In addition its a great idea to buy the .com version of  your business name as well. This will avoid someone else using your name in the future.

If you are an artist, writer, photographer, or you want to set up a personal website or blog  you are best to go with your name and surname. If you want to you could add your profession to the start or end of the domain name. Doctors, Dentists or professionals can add the word “doctor”, “dentist” to the name and surname.

If you have a registered business name you will go with that – as long as it is available. In some cases someone else may have purchased a domain name in your registered business name unknowingly. Unless you want to pursue a lengthy costly court battle we suggest you get a bit creative and think of other simple words that can be slipped in around your business name that make sense.

Make sure you are easily able to tell someone your domain name in person or over the phone. An acronym is NOT the way to go. It is much easier to tell someone a domain name that has a few words than if it is shortened down to a few letters. If you start using letters like M, S, T you are going to get really frustrated with letting people know your domain name and potentially lose potential clients.


  • Extremely long domain names
  • Abbreviations / Acronyms of a business name

Your domain name is a reflection of you and your business – use some common sense when choosing it.