Images to use on Websites

What about images and photos for my website?

Images for websitesIdeally all images should be in digital format that have been saved correctly for a website. Websites that have large pictures that are not saved correctly can take an extremely long time to download and in turn lose potential customers. If images are provided in non – digital format these can be easily scanned and then saved for the website, however this will add to the cost of your website. If your company logo is supplied in a digital format and it is not of high quality, or you are unable to find the original artwork for the logo it becomes necessary to re-draw it using a graphics software package. This may be time consuming and difficult to match up colours. This will also add to the cost of your website. Any artwork, logos, photos, and brochures that you have needs to be collected together – this will all help in the design and outcome of your website. Your company’s logos, product photography and Text should all be available in digital form. (TIFF, EPS, JPEG, GIF or other)

Where can I get good quality (and FREE) photos for my website?

If you can’t find the right free image for your website you will also find photos to purchase on these websites.
A huge database of public domain images and images to buy can be found on:

How to make an image size smaller for a website.

Right click on them, save to desktop, make smaller with editing program and then load up to your website and place in post.

To resize photos :