Helping Customers Find Your Website

Once your website is up and running you need to be aware that there are many ways you can bring traffic to your website. You want as many people to know your website exists as possible.

Business Cards, Brochures, Letterheads and Envelopes

Make sure you have your website address on your business cards and any promotional material. Have a stack of your business cards on hand at all times.

Need business cards? Try Business cards you customise from a template. There are online companies with thousands of designs for all types of business cards, letterheads and flyers that you can EASILY create yourself.

Depending on the type of business you are in and what you are trying to achieve you still may want to advertise in Newspapers and Magazines – When you have a website the main thing you want to focus on is the web address and get people going to there to get further information about a special offer or promotion.

Social networking with Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

Social networking has become a necessity to promote your business and to help get your brand out there. While there are many different social networks around Facebook, Twitter and Google + are the main ones to focus on initially. They are all free to set up however the main problem is finding the time make sure you update with interesting relevant to your industry content on a regular basis. Putting a reminder on your phone or calendar to prompt you is a good idea. You need to post something or comment regularly on someone else’s Facebook, Twitter, or Google + account. Try to aim to spend a minimum of 5- 10 minutes a week.

Need help with banners for your Facebook or Twitter account ?

We can custom make a cover banner or profile picture for your Facebook or Twitter account. This can be custom made using your logo and pictures from your current website.

If you have a facebook account and would like to link to it from your website we can do this for you too. Contact us TODAY for help getting your Facebook looking good and connected to your website!

Email Signature

An email signature with your web address looks professional and is easy to set up. It can include your name, the name of your company, your phone number and a link back to your website. If you have lots of email addresses you can set up individual email signatures for each one. You can also inlclude any social media sharing buttons as well. If you are not sure how to set up an email signature use the “Help” function in your Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Express or whatever you are using.

Relevant Linking

Adding your website link to Directories, Council websites and social networking websites are something that you can do yourself (or in some cases you may have to ask). Make sure they are relevant to your business and that they are websites you would go to to find your particular product or service. Only put your link on a directory or associated business that has real relevance. If you get an option to add more detail or a description make sure you do – it all helps. Avoid putting your link on “dodgy” looking websites.

Search Engines – The Natural Way

When you are searching for an item on any of the major search engines results will appear in the main section of the page. These are referred to as natural or organic results and you do not have to pay for them to appear there – you just have to have a well constructed search engine friendly website. On the right hand side or on other parts of the page you will notice “Sponsored Listings” . These are adds from businesses that have paid to be there.

In most cases you want your website to be found “naturally” in the major search engines. If your website is made to be “Search Engine Friendly” it will be more likely to be found by the major search engines. All Solutions Indata websites are custom built to be more likely to be found by the major search engines such as google.

There are many factors as to why a website will show up on the first page of a search engine result and apart from building the website to be search engine friendly with lots of meaningful up-to-date content there is not much else you can do. Google and the other major search engines have complicated Algorithms that dictates where you will end up.

Advertising with Google Adwords

If you want to advertise your website in the “Sponsored Listing” Sections of the results returned by Google it is a great way to start – even if you have a limited budget.
Learn more about how to set up a Google Adwords account.

Building an Email List

Once you have some traffic and are starting to build a large customer base you will need to look into a reliable Emailing List solution. Keeping in touch with your customers and attracting new customers is an important part of growing your business.

We use an Autoresponder solution from Aweber. You can easily set up multiple email lists and send out emails to your customers whenever you want. One of the great things about it is you can set up a series of emails in advance about a particular service or product. They may be a week apart and be a sales pitch for a different topic/product each week.

If you are interested in seeing how it all works they offer a free trial period.

More traffic generating ideas

A list of 123 ways of ideas for getting more traffic –