Website Display and Screen Resolution

Screen Resolutions

What your website looks like depends on  the screen resolution of the computer or device people are looking at the website on. Desktop screens are getting bigger and bigger (Today, most visitors have a screen resolution higher than 1024×768 pixels: and at the same time people are sitting in front of the TV surfing the net on their iPad and smart phones. The look of the website will vary depending on the device and screen resolution set up, and what browser you are using. Ideally the most important information of your website should be able to be viewed instantly on any device. Your logo, contact details, and navigation should be “above the fold” on a desktop while on a mobile device your contact number  may need to be the most  prominent information.

If your website is a bit older and looks great on a desktop but is unusable on a smartphone you need to think about creating a new website that works both on a desktop or mobile ( often referred to as a responsive website)

Responsive Website

If you have an existing website that is due for a face lift it might be a good time to look at replacing it with a  responsive website.  The one website can be made to look great across most devices and different screen resolutions.

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What does my website look like on a Desktop, Smart phone or iPad?

To give you an idea on what your website looks like on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones see this website: